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"Trails are my Playground" is a project implemented by UG Tuzla Trail, supported by the Tourist Association of the city of Tuzla (Turistička Zajednica Grada Tuzle)

Goal/purpose of the project:

Trail running has become increasingly popular in recent years and it's great to see more people getting involved in outdoor activities. The Park Šuma trail at Slana Banja, as the center of the story of trail running in Tuzla, would, in addition to setting up an info board with basic information about the Park Šuma trail and other more important trails that gravitate around the city of Tuzla, significantly enrich the appearance of the park and tourist offer of our city. The basic idea of the project is to bring trail running closer to beginners, primarily school-aged children, so that on the Park Šuma trail, which is one of the easier trails with gentle ascents and a fairly well-groomed surface, they can learn the basics of trail running, following markings, getting to know the advantages of running on forest terrain, and everything that we can apply the acquired experience by moving to more complicated and demanding trails from our environment. In addition to encouraging children and adults to enjoy the experience of running on natural trails, regardless of their speed or ability level, it is planned to inform them about safety measures, etiquette on the trail, as well as requirements for equipment, nutrition and emergency procedures. Trail running can be a fun and challenging way for school-aged children to stay active and develop important physical and mental skills. Choosing the "Park šuma" trail on Slana Banja, which would be groomed and marked for trail running, would be safe and suitable for children and hikers, since it is characterized by gentle ascents, a natural surface and the length of the trail itself. Overall, the key to the success of this project is creating a welcoming and supportive environment that encourages children and adults to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of trail running. In addition to personal benefits, visitors' stay on the trail can also have positive effects on the environment and the local community. A landscaped trail can help protect and preserve the natural environment, provide opportunities for sustainable recreation, and support local businesses and the economy. Overall, the "trails are my playground" project is to celebrate the joy and freedom of spending time outside and to inspire others to get outside and explore the natural world around them.

Description of the project/manifestation and list of activities:

• Digital mapping
• Arrangement of the path and removal of communal waste, vegetation
• Installation of info boards
• Trail marking (permanent markings and direction boards)
• Walking along the path together
• Fun run event
• Production of promo T-shirts
• Refreshment and invigoration
• Creation of a brochure about trail running and trails in the city of Tuzla
• Online promotion of project activities
(web portals, social networks, local TV, etc.)

The project "Trails are my playground", which promotes sustainable tourism through trail running and activities in nature, is significant in several ways.

First, the project promotes sustainable tourism practices by encouraging visitors to explore the natural environment without harming the ecosystem. This approach is in line with the principles of ecotourism, the goal of which is to minimize the negative impact of tourism on the environment and local communities.

Second, the project can help raise awareness of the importance of conserving natural resources and biodiversity. By promoting responsible tourism practices, the project can help reduce the impact of human activities on the environment and preserve it for future generations.

Third, the project can contribute to the local economy by generating income for local communities through tourism. This revenue can be used to support conservation efforts as well as improve the quality of life for local residents.

Overall, the "Trails are my playground" project is significant in promoting sustainable tourism practices that benefit both visitors and local communities while preserving the natural environment.

Expected results:

• Safer and more pleasant stay in nature on fixed and marked trails for all recreational users.
• Popularization of activities and stay of citizens in the natural environment.
• Raising awareness of environmental protection.
• Improving the quality of life in the community.
• Increasing capacity for the purpose of environmental protection.

Project activity: tourist brochure

Project activity: Info boards


Installation of Info boards

Project activity: trails marking

Marking of "PARK SUMA" Trail

Project activity: first check and opening trail

First check and opening of trail "Park Šuma" @ Slana Banja

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