General provisions of the Tuzla Trail League. Trail races and mountain road races are organized within the league.
Trail is a physical activity that involves moving on your feet - walking, hiking or running on various natural terrains (valleys and plains, hills, mountains, mountains) and completely on the trails marked by the Organizer. In the trail race, the Competitor is obliged to follow the marked track, without exceptions, and any non-compliance with this rule will result in sanctioning the Competitor in the offense.


Promoting trail running in the Tuzla area for more than 5 years. We are a fun group of trail runners of all abilities centered in Tuzla area. Come play with us at our races and training runs! In addition to our races the TUZLATRAIL is associated with a number of unofficial training runs.



The first official organization of the Tuzla trail league takes us to 2017, July 23rd, when the 1st round of the TT league was officially held, on the "KLUPA & OSMICA" course. After 2017, all the following years we held the competitions. For 2023 we plan total of 7 rounds. The first one will be held in March, on the course "DULERKA".


During races and trail runs we usually take a lot of photos and videos of our lovely nature and our hard core runners. There are a huge collection of photos and videos taken in different weather conditions. It's hard to say what looks better. Sunshine, clouds, rain, snow, fog, moonlights ... they all look fantastic in trails.


Running around TUZLA is one of the best ways to explore more of this region. To help you discover the most beautiful places to run, we’ve reviewed our full collection of trails around Tuzla—and are proud to present the top 16 best running courses. Click on any of the routes for more details.

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